St. Louis Country Club

St. Louis Country Club is a private club offering golf, tennis, swimming and several dining facilities to its members.

All applicants must provide references. Drug and background checks required.
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Job Responsibilities

Server - Part-Time - Dining Room, Banquet, Poolside

  • Set up assigned dining room and tables

  • Knowledge of each food item, its preparation, and an appetizing description of each item

  • Be prompt when taking beverage and food orders

  • When your order is served, double check to make sure every order is accurate

  • Routinely check back with members, offer drink refills, and clear finished plates

  • Offer coffee and dessert menus

  • Thank the members when they leave

  • Must be available weekends and holidays

Bartender - Part-Time

  • Stock bar with ice, fruit, glasses, and all other supplies needed for that day's business

  • Serve cocktails, wine and sodas for all venues and parties

  • Complete a liquor inventory on the first of each month

  • Experience required with a basic knowledge of mixology

  • Must be available weekends and holidays

Buffet Girl - Part-Time

  • Set-up station water glasses, lavosh basket and roll-ups

  • Know how to set up the buffet and what will be on it

  • Pass hors d'oeuvres as requested during private parties

  • Refill water glasses, and pass bread during meals

  • Must be available weekends and holidays

Bus Boy - Part-Time

  • Prepare outdoor dining areas

  • Clean and arrange kitchen service areas

  • Follow supervisor's instructions for timing of breakdown of bars, buffets, and tables

  • Remove all trays from dining areas and clean all coffee stations

  • Must be available weekends and holidays

Life Guards - Seasonal

  • Primarily Tuesdays-Sundays during the summer

  • Must be available weekends and holidays

  • Must hold a current CPR card

  • Must hold a current Lifeguard card

Dishwasher - Full and Part Time

  • Wash dishes, glassware, flatware, pots and pans, using dishwashers or by hand

  • Maintain kitchen work area, equipment, and utensils in an orderly fashion, clean food prep areas

  • Sort and remove trash, placing it in designated areas

  • Scrub and mop floors

  • Keep kitchen clean by daily cleaning projects

  • Clean employee dining area

  • Clean and organize loading dock area

  • 400 Barnes Rd, St. Louis, MO 63124
  • (314) 994-0011